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Kernel & Application Protector

SecurWeave addresses the threat of advanced persistent malware. Conceived by industry veterans with decades of experience in building safety and security critical systems, we are committed in building holistic security platforms catering to the never before seen demands of the evolving autonomous digital world.


Why Choose us

Advanced malware crafted by the likes of state sponsored attackers and organized crime rings easily bypass antivirus and other signature based detection technologies

Consequences of cyber attacks can be truly devastating in Industry 4.0, autonomous vehicles, embedded aerospace and military applications


Malware Analysis Engine

Our Team

Dr Prem Chand is a visionary senior executive with over 45 years of experience in building and delivering high quality security products for defence, aerospace and ICT industry.

Dr Prem Chand

Chief Executive Officer

Gopakumar has over two decades of experience in product development. He possesses deep domain expertise in areas such as kernel development, hardware enforced security and virtualization.

Gopakumar Thekkedath

Chief Technology Officer

Dinakar has extensive product development experience of close to two decades with various industry majors. Dinakar possesses deep understanding of various processor architectures and has done exhaustive work on the development of secure hypervisors.

Dinakar Medavaram

Chief Solution Architect

About Us

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