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CHESS-P Kernel and Application Protector

Protects your system from Advanced Persistent Threats

Malware Analysis Engine

Most popular general purpose Operating Systems (OSs) all are monolithic in design and a compromise in any one part of the kernel can lead to the attacker completely owning the system. The Trusted Compute Base (TCB) of these general purpose OSs is immensely large and continuing to grow with increased functionality and the continuously evolving diverse hardware that needs to be supported. 

Malware attacks are getting more and more sophisticated and there is an increasing involvement of kernel mode rootkits in many of these breaches. Kernel hardening alone cannot protect a system from kernel mode attacks.  SecurWeave’s CHESS-P platform, innovatively leverages hardware extensions to protect the kernel of the Operating System from advanced malware attacks including kernel mode rootkits. 


Need to Know more about  CHESS - P ?

globe with many locks that indicates the security offered by CHESS P

Upgrade from Conventional AntiVirus solutions to the next generation defence

  • Purposely built light weight modules that do not rely on signature based detection for stopping breaches. 

  • ​Real time detection of APTs and zero day vulnerabilities using behavioural rules.

  • ​Protection against known or unknown kernel mode exploits.

  • ​Hardware enforced isolation ensures that the attack is identified and blocked before impacting the system.

  • ​Easy integration with centralised threat monitoring software.

  • ​Configurable policies for incident notification, response and remediation.


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