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CHESS-E Deep Isolator
Safety and security platform for the next generation of embedded systems

Malware Analysis Engine

The embedded system design is witnessing a paradigm shift by becoming more open, flexible and software defined. The rapid innovations that are happening in automotive, industry 4.0 etc. calls for the availability of platforms that can meet the safety, security and other functional requirements of mission critical embedded systems. Virtualization is the natural fit to meet these broad needs, however the traditional virtualization solutions do not offer the right size, flexibility, safety, and security that is required in the embedded world. CHESS-E is SecurWeave’s purposely built platform to cater to the varying demands of the rapidly evolving embedded world.


Need to Know more about  CHESS - E ?

an image to show the embedded hypervisor of CHESS E

Building Cyber Resilience into the connected embedded world…

  • Traditional virtualization solutions do not offer the right size, flexibility, safety and security that is needed in the embedded world.

  • ​CHESS-E’s embedded hypervisor is light weight, flexible and is an ideal fit for embedded systems that require multiple levels of safety and security criticality.

  • ​Assures guaranteed predictable latencies for critical applications.

  • ​Enables the safe execution of multiple OSs with varying demands of determinism in the same system.

  • ​Designed with the goal of meeting the highest functional safety standards.

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