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Building Cyber Resilience into the Connected World

The sophistication and ingenuity of malware have grown exponentially in the last decade. Today’s world is witnessing attacks that involve state-sponsored teams and organized crime rings and the targets include defence establishments, critical infrastructures, and large corporations. The presence of advanced attack techniques in these malware makes conventional security solutions woefully inadequate to detect or prevent them.

Threats that avoid detection and harvest valuable information over a long time are known as Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs). Traditional security measures such as antivirus, firewalls, etc. cannot provide protection against APTs thereby leaving systems vulnerable to data breaches. The consequence of an APT attack is devastating as the attack may continue for a long time uninterrupted due to the limitations of most of the current security solutions. 


Today, it is not just the traditional IT deployments that are the potential targets for malware attacks. With the advent of disrupting technology trends such as connected vehicles, industry 4.0, embedded aerospace and military applications, IoT/DioT/IIoT, etc. The embedded system design is witnessing a paradigm shift by becoming more open, flexible, and software-defined. Consequently, more than ever these systems also need to undergo classic threat modeling and risk analysis and have the necessary measures in place to protect against cyber attacks.

 Conventional security solutions that rely on static detection are woefully inadequate to detect and stop the zero-day attacks that are becoming more and more common today. Therefore, in the evolving connected world, there is the inescapable need to build a holistic platform that provides airtight security and safety along with features such as the ability to support mixed-criticality workloads, determinism, etc. and, that is what SecurWeave is targeting to fulfill.

SecurWeave’s Hardware Enforced Security solution, CHESS is designed to fill the gap in cyber defence against APTs thereby solving the long standing security gaps across endpoints, mobile phones, data centers, and embedded systems. The security hypervisor in CHESS is purpose-built for security and safety and provides guaranteed predictable latencies for critical applications and the flexibility to support different types of Operating Systems and applications. 

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