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Propelling Digital Evolution with Next Generation Cyber Security Platforms

Kernel & Application Protector

Malware Analysis Engine

Image explains the what CHESS do for the securityas kernel & application protector, malware analysis engine and deep isolator

CHESS - Configurable Hardware Enforced Safety & Security

SecurWeave's Configurable Hardware Enforced Safety and Security (CHESS) platform has been designed to meet the security and safety criticality needs of the evolving digital industry. The security hypervisor in CHESS is lightweight, flexible, and emerges as the ideal fit for systems that require multiple levels of security and safety criticality.


CHESS-P Kernel and Application Protector

CHESS-E Deep Isolator

The Need

Our Solution

  • The complexity and sophistication of malware attacks are growing exponentially over time and can easily bypass conventional security solutions.

  • ​Advanced malware with kernel mode rootkits can conceal their presence and carry out attacks that can span for years while remaining undetected.

  • ​Embedded system design is witnessing a paradigm shift by becoming more software defined, thereby increasingly becoming targets of malware attack.

  • ​Strict isolation between critical applications are missing in embedded deployments thereby opening avenues for safety and security compromises.

The Need

Our Solution

  • ​CHESS-P innovatively leverages hardware virtualization extensions to protect systems from advanced malware

  • ​Successfully stops zero day exploits as CHESS-P employs behavioral based malware detection and prevention techniques.

  • CHESS-E meets the safety, security, mixed criticality and real-time demands of critical embedded systems. 

  • ​The open and flexible architecture of CHESS-E makes it a natural fit for the rapidly evolving embedded world.

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Conceived in the year 2021, by 3 industry veterans with decades of experience in building safety and security critical systems, SecurWeave is headquartered in Hyderabad. The founding team of SecurWeave has a combined experience of over 80+ years in embedded electronics, operating system, safety and mission critical systems and networking technologies for civil and military applications. 

We have integrated SecureWeave's CHESS-P platform with Shakti's family of microprocessors. The combination of Shakti's hardware security features and the kernel-mode rootkit mitigation capabilities available in CHESS-P will provide users with holistic security. Though there are a few commercially available separation kernel / embedded hypervisors in the market, we zeroed in on CHESS-P due to the advanced threat prevention features it provides. The kernel-mode protection features of CHESS-P are a need of the hour, especially considering the proliferation of Advanced Persistent Threats in recent times

Prof. V. Kamakoti
Director, IIT Madras

With embedded systems becoming increasingly software-defined, cyber security is of paramount importance. SecurWeave's CHESS platforms are ideally suited to provide advanced security for mission-critical systems.

Nagaraj Ghatigar

Technical Director - DILABS


CHESS leverages hardware extensions to protect systems against advanced, persistent, and coordinated attacks (APTs). SecurWeave’s configurable hardware-enforced safety & security (CHESS) platform is purpose-built to fill the gap in cyber defense against advanced malware thereby solving the long-standing global security gaps across endpoints, mobile phones, data centers and embedded systems.

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